Together we achieve more!

Together we are stronger and can increase our impact! Global improvements are driven by collaborations between different types of actors in several countries. For sustainable development, we all need to work together: companies, governments and authorities, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, customers - you name it! Here we share some smart tips on how you can easily get involved and contribute!

LOVE YOUR CLOTHES AND MAKE THEM LAST LONGER Treat your garments with the love and care they deserve! Follow the care advice and invest in needle and thread to easily sew on buttons and mend seams to extend the life of your favorites.

MAKE CHOICES WITH THE FUTURE IN MIND Even when shopping new, you can make sustainable choices - sustainable materials make a big difference and are becoming more readily available! Please choose an eco-friendly delivery option at checkout where possible.

DON’T THROW THEM AWAY! We hope you love your garments for a long time! But once you've decided it's time for them to move out - let them move to someone else! Circularity is the key! Have a clothing swap day with your crew or sell second hand. If you've loved the clothes for so long that they've had their day - leave them for recycling.

MINIMIZE YOUR (UNNECESSARY) RETURNS Returns mean extra transport, which in turn means climate impact in the form of emissions. Of course, it's perfectly fine to replace it if it's gone wrong, doesn't fit or wasn't what you expected! The fact that the garment is not used or is thrown away is worse. But by trying to avoid unnecessary returns, we're making a big difference!