Fortify self-esteem among young women – we want to create a community where the young woman feels respected and celebrated!

Empower Femininity has been an explicit sustainability area for Nelly since 2021, but the company has had a strong focus on empowering young adults early on. With our position as a fashion destination for young women, we can make a difference and help strengthen the self-esteem of this target group. The inside is just as important as the outside.

There is a lot of negativity and "holdbacks" out there: Nelly wants to counterbalance this by being a positive feel-good community with good vibes only. In all our channels: on site, in our social channels - you name it!

Be yourself and celebrate differences! We never edit out tattoos, stretch marks or other attributes that are naturally beautiful from our images. Nelly wants to contribute to a healthy norm around bodies where this is normalized.

In the field of Empower Femininity, we operate according to the following principles:

  • Through expression and the tone of communication with the target group, communicate joy, warmth and confidence to inspire young women to feel good about themselves, dare to be who they are and express themselves as they wish
  • Contribute to highlight and celebrating diversity
  • Take a stand on relevant questions concerning the target group where it'a appropriate
  • Support and/or run initiatives, activities and projects that support the message and are aligned with Nelly's values