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For special occasions, it's important for your dress to fit perfectly, and that's where reliable shapewear comes in to provide true confidence. We offer a wide range of different shapewear products for women. Here, we provide tips on everything you need to know about undergarments that showcase your absolute best and hold in exactly where you need it.

How to use shapewear

With the right shaping undergarments, you can ensure that you only show off what you really want to show. There's no reason to settle for less when there are simple tricks to help you wear your favorite clothes. With our comfortable and stylish undergarments, you can solve many clothing problems that could otherwise ruin an otherwise wonderful event.

Choose the right type of shapewear

To hide flaws around the stomach, a shapewear bodysuit can be helpful. Our bodysuits are particularly effective under a tight-fitting dress or a really nice top. The dress or top will fall perfectly because your body gets good support while the bodysuit smooths out any unwanted folds on your body.

Shapewear corset

If you want to accentuate your waist a little more, you can try our shaping corsets. They fit tightly around the stomach, hold in the waist, and shape the bust for a smooth and flattering figure. You can use it under a tight top or dress. It keeps your shapewear belly in place beautifully and comfortably.

With or without legs

We also offer shapewear with long legs, as well as those without legs. A tight, fitted skirt will definitely benefit from it. It shapes your hips and thighs and hides any irregularities you want to hide. Additionally, you can use this garment under a dress to reduce the risk of getting chafing on your thighs.

Don't forget your back

Shapewear that also follows your back can also hide folds around the bra strap and help further shape your stomach and waist. This type of support also helps to keep your back muscles together, giving you a more proud and upright posture. We always have a wide range of these types of shaping clothes available.

Care instructions

We recommend washing this type of underwear after two uses, as dirt and sweat negatively affect the material. If you have time, it's good to hand wash the garments, but you can also wash them on low heat in a machine if you use a laundry bag. This will help your shapewear last longer and maintain their properties and high quality. Life is too short not to wear beautiful and fitted clothes. When you want to wear those slightly fancier clothes that don't fit so well, comfortable and good shapewear is a great option. Choosing well-fitting undergarments is otherwise more of a matter of real common sense because you deserve to always feel beautiful in our stylish and well-fitted clothes.