At Nelly you will find a generous and varied selection of women's clothing from many different brands. In addition there are also our own brand Nelly. You'll find everything from dresses, jeans och tops to sportswear and accessoarer. We regularly update our large stock, so you are always guaranteed trendy clothes.

Women's clothing to complement your style

In our wide range you'll find women's clothing for all occasions, both everyday and for parties. Unleash your creativity and match your style with our exciting garments. For example, you can mix this season's IT pieces with stylish classics to create a truly unique and personal look. Welcome to Nelly's amazing world of women's clothing and find your new favourites!

Choose who you want to be

You can conveniently shop for your clothes online at Nelly instead of crowding into a physical clothing store. Snag those pants or that top in that color you haven't yet dared to wear. Then you can try on your new clothes at your leisure. Experiment to get just the style you're looking for!

Unique or mainstream

At Nelly, you'll find the hottest trends of the season, and you can always pick and choose from stylish clothes from famous brands. There's something for everyone, whether your look is rock, fashion or an exciting mix of styles. We want you to feel comfortable in your outfit and that will boost your confidence too!

Branded jeans or soft pants women

Whether you're looking for the perfect workout outfit, a pair of trendy jeans or pieces for those more cosy occasions, you've found the right place. Because here at Nelly you can easily shop for women's clothes online, whatever you're in the mood for. Choose from a full range with the latest trends and fast delivery.

Why should I shop for stylish clothes online?

Nelly is one of Sweden's leading stores in the category of fashionable women's clothing online. We want it to be as easy as possible for you to buy women's clothes online with us. That's why you can expect safe conditions and convenient shopping at Nelly.com. In addition, you will find great offers and promotions!

Update your wardrobe with new women's clothing

Sometimes you need more colour in your wardrobe, other times it may be basic pieces you need. That's why it's extra convenient to buy clothes online at Nelly. Here you'll always find an interesting selection of stylish clothes that will both complement and renew your wardrobe. Suddenly, choosing a new outfit every day becomes fun again.

You can easily renew your wardrobe just by buying a new type of jeans or more colourful garments if you have been wearing mostly plain clothes. This is what makes fashion and women's clothing so much fun. You can match your favourite pieces with new women's clothing from Nelly in exactly the way you like!