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If you're looking for loungewear for women, look no further. We have everything you could imagine in our large luxury range. Loungewear can be the coziest clothing we have. It's comfortable, but perhaps most importantly, it's stylish. You can wear your loungewear at home, at a friend's house, or why not when you're traveling.

Deluxe comfort clothes

All of our loungewear is really comfortable and cozy. They are just as suitable to wear when you're at home and want to lie on the couch and watch TV as when you take an evening walk. What are comfort clothes to you? For us, it's soft, comfortable, and a bit fun home clothes that you never want to take off.

Loungewear sets

Actually, you can match your loungewear endlessly. But what's better than having a loungewear set? It's the quickest way to look both cozy and comfortable while still being trendy. A cozy and stylish set is also a perfect outfit to travel in. Match the set with a pair of stylish sneakers, and you're ready to seize the day!

Velour loungewear

In our large range of loungewear, we have many different models and materials. For example, we have comfort clothes in a wonderfully shiny velour that makes you feel like a living teddy bear. A soft and warming material that practically never loses color or becomes bobbly. In other words, the perfect material for loungewear when you want to be a little extra warm and cozy.

Velour loungewear - shorts or pants

In the velour material, we have sets in both shorts with a T-shirt and long pants with a long-sleeved shirt. A tip is to wear velour shorts with a T-shirt in a lovely color with a pair of high sports socks and chunky sneakers. How cool is not that look? You can, of course, also buy tops and bottoms separately and match as you wish.

Satin loungewear

How nice is it not with loungewear in satin material? We think it's among the most luxurious when it comes to comfortable comfort clothes. Especially if you also wear it in a matching set. Check out our range of satin loungewear; there are many models to choose from. Choose between short crop tops and longer tank tops; we also have loungewear with lace to spice up your cozy look.

How to take care of your loungewear?

Just like your other clothes, you should always look at the garment's washing instructions to wash and dry it correctly. It can make a big difference in your clothes and keep them fresh and nice much longer. Another tip is to always wash your loungewear that is a little more sensitive, such as satin garments, in laundry bags. Another thing to consider with your loungewear is to treat stains according to the material's tolerance. We all know that one or two stains can end up on the comfort clothes when you eat snacks in front of the movie. But be careful to use strong agents that can bleach your nice loungewear. Remember that some materials may be more sensitive than others.