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When you want to update your wardrobe with a nice long evening dress, Nelly is the right place to shop. We have long evening dresses in many different styles and materials, and we constantly receive trendy new arrivals. With hundreds of clothing brands gathered in one place, we are confident that you will find your new favorites with us.

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With us, you can find everything from sparkling sequin dresses to elegant sheath dresses and boho-inspired dresses in all the trendy colors you could wish for. Among our women's long evening dresses, you are guaranteed to find something that suits all occasions. We have long evening dresses that are suitable for wedding parties, galas, and formal events.

Long Evening Dresses for Formal Events

A wardrobe without a pair of really stylish long evening dresses for formal events is not a complete wardrobe. A long evening dress in luxurious material is great when you want to have that wow effect. If you want to go all in, you can choose a long evening dress with sequins. If you are, however, looking for a more simple long evening dress for the event, we also have those.

Trendy Long Evening Dresses

At Nelly, we always keep an eye on the latest trends. When you shop with us, you can easily keep your style fashionable and updated with the latest long evening dresses. If you want to be really trendy, you can opt for a long-sleeved long evening dress or why not a classic sheath dress. These are two minimalist models of long evening dresses that will never go out of fashion.

Care Instructions for Your Long Evening Dresses

When you take care of your clothes, they last longer. Especially nice long evening dresses may need a little extra love and care. For example, you can avoid washing your long evening dress more than necessary. Sometimes, it may be enough to hang it out to air. Also, try to avoid using fabric softener when washing, as this will help your long evening dress stay beautiful for much longer.

Long Evening Dresses for Different Occasions

It is not only at formal events that you can wear a long evening dress. Long evening dresses are actually suitable for most occasions. Like at dinner with your family or when you hang out with your friends at your favorite café. A flowing long evening dress or one with a nice pattern becomes a perfect long evening dress for different occasions, on those days when you want to feel a little extra nice for your own sake.

How to Style Your Long Evening Dress

When shopping for long evening dresses, you can think about how to style it in different ways. This way, you can create several different outfits with just one dress. A nice sheath dress can work for both formal events and parties, depending on which accessories you match it with. For example, a pair of elegant heels for formal events and bold jewelry for parties. If you're looking for a boho look, a long evening dress with a floral pattern will look nice with a denim jacket and ankle boots. You can style a black sheath dress with a beautiful coat and nice jewelry for a maximalist outfit that works for both formal events and parties. For chilly evenings, you get a really nice outfit by matching a long evening dress with a knitted sweater.