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Wrap yourself in a cozy robe. At Nelly, you'll find everything from sheer, sexy designs, to the softest terrycloth. Choose robes in a wide variety of shades and find your personal favorite.

Robes in tons of styles

Who doesn't love a good robe? It feels great to wrap yourself in a robe, just out of the bath. Or keep it on during a really nice, long breakfast. Nelly is one of the leading fashion destinations and we have robes from all the best brands. Choose designs in cotton, velour, jersey, or why not smooth silk? We have no doubt you'll love the designs we chose. Do you prefer a long, hooded bathrobe or a thin kimono? The options are vast and on top of that, they include a variety of patterns and shades.

Silk is a lovely material

Our collection is even filled to the brim with sleepwear. What do you say to a pajama set or a comfortable pair of pajama shorts. Are you longing for a silk robe? Fantastic choice! Silk is a natural material that maintains warmth throughout the night. Not only that, the silky material is super comfortable to wear. That said, it should come as no surprise that the silk robe is a sure favorite. What about a pink robe? They provide a feminine, beautiful feel. Check out the selection and find models that're perfect for you. It's often good to have more than one robe so you can wear one after a bath and the other when you just wanna relax on the couch or bed...

How to wash sexy robes?

How does one go about washing materials like lace and silk? You can always find information regarding washing temperature on the tag. Generally, it's safe to say this type of material should be washed as delicates, on a low temperature. Always remember to use one detergent for your whites and another for colors.

Bathrobes online at Nelly

Looking for stylish robes online? With a selection of over 850 clothing brands, you're sure to always find the look for you. We have fast deliveries and phenomenal service. In addition, we always offer simple returns and affordable shipping. On the hunt for robes in silk or cotton? Choose from a variety of colors and find your fashion favorites today.