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It's trendy, it's sexy, it's comfortable. Yes, we're talking about you. But we're also talking about sock boots. A pair of boots that almost look like a sock on your calf, usually with a heel at the bottom. So if you're looking for something to enhance your next party outfit, sock boots for women are what you should be looking for.

Sock boots or booties

What are sock boots called in Swedish? Well, they're called "strumpboots," but as they say, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. However, we can probably agree that "sock boots" sounds a bit better than the literal translation. Typically, sock boots come up to about mid-calf, but there are also models with slightly longer or shorter shafts.

Why sock boots?

Of course, you want footwear that is stylish, comfortable, and suitable for almost any occasion. Sock boots with a heel are comfortable to wear because the shaft sits so close to your calf, giving you extra support. Additionally, most sock boots have a block heel, which is much easier to walk in than traditional heels.

How to style sock boots

Sock boots are so simple and stylish as they are, while also being a fashion statement because of how trendy they are. We would recommend wearing them with bare legs, a nice skirt, and a large, knit sweater tucked into the skirt. If it's a bit chilly outside, you can, of course, wear black tights.

Socks with sock boots

Can you wear socks with sock boots? Yes, of course! However, we suggest not wearing socks with a high shaft. It looks better to let your sock boots shine on their own. So wear short socks, either ankle socks or slightly longer socks. It keeps the socks from showing, but you won't have to go barefoot in the shoe.

Sock boots with open toe

There are also sock boots with both an open toe and open heel. They are more suitable for summer, while regular sock boots can be worn year-round. A pair of sock boots with an open toe or open heel are a bit more airy and go great with a tight, dark dress and bare legs at an outdoor restaurant on a lovely summer evening.

Take care of your sock boots

It's important to take care of your sock boots so that they last as long as possible. Check what material your sock boots are made of. If it's suede or leather, it's important to apply special products to keep your sock boots looking good for a longer period. In addition to the material of the shoe itself, it's important to maintain the heel of your sock boots. It's normal for a heel to wear over time, but try to get your shoes re-heeled before they become too worn. It can be done by any cobbler, it usually doesn't take long or cost too much - but it's worth it!