Womanizer OG

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Womanizer OG
Air pressure stimulation AND vibrations to enhance your intimate moment. Two types of stimulation that give double the pleasure.
The Womanizer OG is the first g-spot vibrator to combine vibration with Pleasure Air technology for a revolutionary orgasmic journey.
What's unique about the Womanizer OG is that it offers Pleasure Air technology for the g-spot, for the first time ever.
The air pressure pulses target the g-spot with pulsating air pressure and gentle suction leading to a new type of stimulation and extraordinary orgasms.
The clever design positions the vibrations and air pressure impulses perfectly.
Womanizer OG is for pleasure seekers and experienced pleasure seekers who want to refine their masturbation and discover new sensations.
Air pressure stimulation in combination with vibrations
12 intensity levels of the air pressure impulses
3 vibration levels
Smart Silence function – The stimulation is started when the OG comes close to skin contact
Waterproof IPX7
Body safe silicone
Rechargeable via USB cable with magnetic charging
Storage bag included
Charging time: 100 minutes
Driving time: 120 minutes