Glitter Goals Liquid Eyeshadow

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See it from the bright side with Glitter Goals Liquid Eyeshadow. NYX Proffesional Makeup's new, light and liquid eyeshadow that covers your eye lids with enchanting, shimmering color. The product is available in eight gleaming shades and each of the soft, liquid colors are shine-studded and easy to apply.
Use them by themselves or on top of a powder eye shadow to create lots of looks that can be built-up and toned out.
What it is: A easy, liquid eyeshadow full of shine.
What it does: Provides shimmering shine to your eyes
Why we love it: A few brushes with the applicator to the eye lids is all that's needed for you to reach your ultimate glitter goals.
Use: Apply directly to eyelids with the applicator and fade out with finger. Use each and every one of the shimmering shades by themselves, or on top of a powder eyeshadow for intense shine.
Best for: All eye shapes. Beginner to professional. Festivities and other glam occasions.
Vegan formula
Does not include ingredients or by-products of animal origin