Hydra Filler Mask

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Double moisturizing sheet mask for lightning-fast moisturizing.
Moisturizing sheet mask that in just 15 minutes provides immediate and long-lasting hydration thanks to, among other things, hyaluronic acid. Gives a quick effect as well as immediate radiance and vitality for visibly more beautiful skin. A natural fiber mask extracted from eucalyptus pulp increases the skin's absorbency. Easy to apply and suitable for all skin types.
• Immediate and long-lasting moisturizing
• Gives the skin luster and vitality
• Direct and long-lasting effect
Double moisturizing effect with a duo of hyaluronic acid for an immediate deep moisturizing of the skin and moisturizing effect, and an NMF composition with amino acids, lactic acid, urea, sugar and minerals, which binds the moisture on the skin surface for a long-lasting moisturizing.
Immediately beautiful skin thanks to aloe vera, a super plant with over 200 molecules with pharmaceutical properties, for healthy, radiant skin.
Beauty tip!
Apply HYDRA-HYAL before the mask for even more intense moisturizing