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Intensify your makeup with quality pair of lashes that'll make your look last all day and night. Depend Artificial Eyelashes are hand-made from natural hair, with a flexible adhesive surface. This provides optimal shape, natural feel and perfect results. Choose from a variety of different designs and frame your eyes with attitude.
Each pack contains 1 pair of false eyelashes, 1 g false lash glue and user instructions.
1. Start by applying your makeup, but wait to apply mascara. Apply eyeliner, such as Depend Eyeliner – Pro Sharp.
2. Carefully separate the lash from the plastic packaging with Depend Eyelash Applicator or tweezers. Although the lashes can sometimes look the same for both eyes, they are not the same - use Left for the left eye and Right for the right.
3. Hold the lash up to the eye to make sure it's the right width. If the false lash is wider than your natural lashes, cut it to size. Clip a small piece at a time from the outer end, that is closest to the temple.
4. Bend the lash if it has become too straight in shape when you removed it from the packaging. One tip is to spin it around your finger to get a good curve.
5. Add a thin line of the supplied glue around the edge of the false lash. Be sure to apply the glue all the way from the left to right edge. Let the glue on the lash take effect in the air for 10-15 seconds for better adhesion, prior to application.
6. Apply the false lash as close to the root of your own lashes as possible (on your eyeliner, if you’re wearing any). It’s a good idea to receive help from the Eyelash Applicator or tweezers, for easier application.
7. Press with the back of the Eyelash Applicator with a pair of tweezers so the lash sits properly, pressing the middle, then right and left. Finish by gently pushing down along the entire lash root. It is good to apply mascara if you want false lashes to merge more with your own lashes or if you want to enhance the ultimate result.