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Have you been searching for the perfect shoes for a long time? Then you've come to the right place. Women's cowboy boots are perfect for those looking for that little extra something. We have a very large selection from several different brands, which means that we most likely have the shoes that are just right for you.

Western boots

If you're looking for a more wild west look, our western boots are perfect for you. With a high shaft and sleek design, you'll be the most stylish person at the party, without a doubt. They pair perfectly with a wool dress or why not a pair of jeans with a shirt? Then you'll definitely stand out from the crowd.

Cowboy boots

A pair of cowboy boots with a slightly higher shaft are really good to have in the winter. But of course, you can wear them year-round. With jeans and a thicker jacket, you have a great outfit for the boots. The boots, which are often made of leather or imitation leather, also come with warm lining inside. Something your feet will thank you for on cold days.

Cowboy boots with fringes

There are endlessly many different boots with several colors and shapes. Cowboy boots with fringes become a really cool outfit in combination with a dress. You can also match with a stylish handbag with fringes. The boots are available in several different models and the length of the fringes varies, so it's just to choose and pick.

Caring for your boots

It's important to take care of your shoes. That way you'll extend their lifespan, and they'll also look better. Polish them carefully right after they get dirty, and then use shoe polish to give the surface moisture and make them shine. Also take care of the shoes by storing them dry and cool, and avoid direct sunlight.


Always stop by the shoemaker before you throw away your shoes. This applies to all shoes. A shoemaker can do more than you can imagine. A pair of cowboy boots that are a little damaged are easily fixed by a skilled shoemaker. If the boots have a broken zipper, the shoemaker can easily replace it with a new one. They can also repair holes and re-heel.

Cowboy boots that fit your foot

There are many different shoes and even more different feet. Therefore, it's very important to try and test which cowboy boots fit you and your foot best. Usually, you can see size tables and measure your foot for a good fit. Cowboy boots also usually have a wide heel, which makes them very comfortable to wear even if you stand and walk a lot. When choosing your shoes, it's important to consider how your feet look. Some models are wider at the front and narrower at the back, while others have a narrower front. It's therefore good to choose shoes based on your feet and their shape. Here at Nelly, you will most likely find several boots that fit.