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Women's swim slippers are perfect for bathing at the bathhouse or showering in common areas at the gym. Most slippers have water-resistant material. This means your feet won't get dirty or wet and you can feel young and fresh. Slippers are also comfortable and cool to wear in summer. With stylish and trendy slippers, you're ready for another summer.

Classic rubber slippers

With a pair of nice slippers you can relax when you come home from school or work. Plus, you can find a wide range of really stylish styles. Whether you're hanging out at the beach or taking a stroll around town, soft rubber material will keep your feet fresh and cool. Take a look at some cool rubber clogs. Choose from rubber slippers in a variety of cool colours.

Slippers with fur

If you want an extra soft surface for your feet, get a pair of trendy swim slippers with fur. With fluffy and colourful tones, you can happily stroll around town in your fur slippers. At the same time, you'll have comfy cozy shoes to wear at home after a long day at work or school. Fur-covered slippers are a cool fashion detail that will definitely get you noticed.

Beach and swimming shoes

If you're chilling on the beach this summer, a pair of stylish beach shoes is always a must. You'll find sporty models from many different brands. Swimming shoes are quick-drying and tend to last a long time. Choose a popular slip on model for a stylish look this summer. What's more, you can wear these for a whole day in the city on foot without getting chafed.

Slippers at the gym

A pair of stylish slippers is a must to throw in your gym bag. You can easily slip them on when you're showering after your workout. If you're just doing simple exercises or seated strength training, you can even wear slippers during your session. With synthetic material and a great fit, you'll also stay protected from germs while you're at it.

Stylish slippers

Slippers have become so trendy that many people wear them out on the town. You can easily stroll around in a pair of sandals that are actually slippers. With a stylish design and open toe, you can easily match your fashionable outfit during summer. Make sure to put on a stylish nail polish on your toes and you'll be ready to shine.

Statement Slippers

This is a hot fashion trend that has been visible for several seasons and it's still absolutely right. You can pick and choose between models and even brands. The key to this trend is that your slippers show a visible logo or other type of statement. Preferably a classic slipper with a single sole and wide upper side. Cool flip flops in this style are really stylish to pair with an oversized garment for a trendy beach look. They're also great for those who want a comfortable pair of shoes for work or school. You'll find statement slippers in a range of colours, so why not prep your wardrobe with several options. Choose a more understated model in black with a white logo and complement with colourful versions.