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At, you'll find all the clothes you need, no matter what you're after. Flip flops for the beach, high heels for a party? No problem. Let the epic shopping begin!

Flip flops from Nelly

Flip flops for the beach or high heels to party? A little black dress to party or training tights for a run? We got you covered. Check out our massive selection of Havaianas flip flops. They are stylish and comfortable, perfect for the beach or lazying around at home. No matter what you're looking for, you can count on finding it at Nelly - we're just a few clicks away! In addition to flip flops, our collection includes other shoes, clothes, accessories, makeup, and designer brands. With over 850 brands, we are one of the Nordics' leading fashion retailers for all types of fashion and shopping needs. Welcome in and shop away!

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When the summer season nears, mightn't you be in search of stylish swimwear? We have everything from bikinis to swimsuits, tankinis and formal dresses, stylish kaftans for vintage goodness at the beach or relaxed days at home. Cute pink flip flops match every outfit imaginable, always signifying summer. Because what's more comfortable than sandals on a warm summer day? We have flip flops from Ralph Lauren and Havaianas, plus loads of clothes from other designer brands. Now, while you're here checking out our selection, you can take the chance to update your look and stock up your wardrobe with all the latest styles!

Stylish flip flops

Summer's just not complete if you don't have a comfortable pair of stylish flip flops. Check out our assortment of shoes and decide for yourself if you want to order a pair from super trendy Ralph Lauren or ultra luxurious Michael Kors. No matter what your taste, you can be sure to find your style here at Nelly!

Flip flops online at Nelly

With Nelly, not only will you find shoes, clothes and accessories, but much much more. You can find yourself, to put it simply! With over 850 brands, you can mix and match as much as you want - from expensive designer jeans to value flip flops, or maybe from boots to say sheer summer dresses? Need a little advice for how to best assemble your wardrobe? Click on the Nelly News Feed or check out our Instagram with #nellyholic!