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A pair of stylish espadrilles is an obvious addition to your summer wardrobe. They're just as good for a holiday trip as they are when you're at your summer cottage. Espadrilles scream summer and warmth. You can choose between espadrilles with straps that go up the legs or open-toe versions. There are also some great heeled models. Women's espadrilles offer a fresh summer look.

The right style with espadrilles

Espadrilles can be worn on different occasions and in many different ways. But it's definitely most common to see espadrilles on the beach or in restaurants during summertime. This is because the shoe has a classic summer style, so it's only natural that espadrilles are more visible in summertime. This is a shoe that is actually worn by men and women alike.

Wedge heel on espadrilles

A trend tip is to opt for wedge heel espadrilles when going to a restaurant or having a drink with friends. It gives the shoes a more festive look and spices up your whole style. The wedge heel transforms the low, casual shoes into a pair of trendy summer shoes. Suddenly you're all dressed up while your outfit is comfortable and casual.

Classic for summer

As mentioned earlier, this shoe variety is obviously a must-have for summer. You can find espadrilles in different fabrics, patterns, colours and designs. No matter what style you are looking for, you can easily find a pair of espadrilles sandals that suits the unique occasion. This is a timeless classic that you can wear in a variety of ways.

Open toe

Now these shoes are already very summery and breezy, but there are even cooler open toe models. A nice option when it's at its hottest during the summer season. In addition, the open toe of espadrilles is a great detail for a summer dress. Then, when it's a bit cooler in the evening, simply switch back to the classic espadrilles.

Strap or not

For an extra elegant look for a fancy dinner, a pair of wedge heel espadrilles with a strap is just the thing! You may think that a strap isn't very decorative, but it does a lot for your whole outfit. On this type of espadrilles, you normally tie the strap a few turns just above the ankle. There are also versions where the strap goes further up the calf.

Which material?

There are regular espadrilles in classic textile material, but in addition you also have leather and leather versions. Of course, you also have a range of espadrilles that are made of synthetic leather. This can be a tip for those who don't want to wear real leather. Then you get the shiny feel of your espadrilles without it going against your principles.

To sum up what you have read up to this paragraph, espadrilles are an obvious pair of summer shoes that can be worn for many occasions. If you want a casual outfit with espadrilles, wear a pair of flats. For a more dressed-up look, there are stylish espadrilles with wedge heels and models where you tie straps around your ankle.