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We're pretty sure no one's unaware that ballerina shoes & loafers are trendier than ever. We can't help but have the fab look on the brain. And so, we're offering tips about the style combinations currently trending.

Ballerinas & loafers in a variety of shapes

A lot of exciting things are currently happening in the world of shoe fashion and we at Nelly have filled our collection with ballerina shoes & loafers in tons of designs, from the hottest brands. We love fashion and therefore you can always find something to like here. We filled the site with our fashion faves. The collection includes a mass of ballerinas and loafers, in a variety of designs and materials. Canvas or suede? Sure thing. We have them both. Choose from ballerina shoes in loads of different colors. Something else that's especially fab right now is loafers with boho chic details, like fringe and beads. Find the look for you in our shoe heaven.

Step with big city pulse

We haven't just chosen shoes in a bunch of materials, but even different types of textures and finishes. If you want a somewhat neat shoe with a feather-light feel, you should go for ballet shoes. So stylish together with say, a pleated, light skirt. Loafers are shoes we can easily recommend if you want a somewhat bossy look. Match with a pair of suit pants and you have a look that owns come meeting time. Looking for a more casual style? Match with a pair of stylish jeans. We love this fashion style and plenty of celebs are wearing it, as is evident on Instagram.

Variation is good for both your ballerinas & loafers

Give your shoes a little love and care! The result? A pair of shoes that maintain their fashionable quality longer. Be sure to polish your shoes here and there. Some shoes can greatly benefit from a once over that counteracts dirt and markings. The pros even suggest trying to change shoes and avoid using the same pair every day.

Ballerinas & loafers online at Nelly

Want to update your wardrobe with new, low shoes? With more than 850 clothing brands, there's always a style for you on Nelly. And of course we always offer simple returns and affordable shipping. Here you can always find what you're looking for, as the selection is overflowing with everything from simple canvas ballerinas to standout loafers with exciting details. Clean white or classic black? Choose from every type and shade imaginable.