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Tracksuits & Long Sleeve Tops for Women for All Fashionistas

One thing we know for sure at when you're dressed in stylish tracksuits and long sleeve tops for women, you always feel like the best version of yourself—even when you're completely worn out after a workout. To the delight of all fashionistas, active wear has become a fashion category in itself. There's plenty to choose from for those who like to look good while working out.

Fashion and Trends in the Activewear Category

Nowadays, there's really the opportunity to choose the perfect outfit when you're heading for a workout. Many brands are focusing on full collections, allowing you to find tracksuits with matching leggings or shorts that give you a well-thought-out look. Manufacturers have successfully struck a careful balance between form and function. In our selection, you'll also find many garments to pair with your workout top.

Different Models of Tracksuits & Long Sleeve Tops

The model of tracksuit or long sleeve top you want depends on two things: personal style and what you're training for. Chances are, you'll want more than one model in your wardrobe, so you can choose clothing based on your mood and activity. Tank tops, crop tops, or a loose short-sleeve top with dolman sleeves: yes, the choices in tracksuits and long sleeve tops for women are virtually endless!

Comfortable Tracksuits for All Workouts

Stylish tracksuits should also be functional. If you're working out at the gym, you'll likely want tight-fitting clothes that don't get in the way and keep you cool. A thinner tracksuit top is suitable here, and you can choose between tank tops or long-sleeve shirts. For group classes and running, where you're likely to sweat a lot, it's particularly important that the fabric has effective breathability.

The Perfect Leisurewear

A tracksuit or long sleeve top is perfect to wear even when you're not exercising—it's truly a multifunctional garment. Why not wear your entire workout outfit when you have a day off and need to run errands or get things done at home? Active wear has become an entire fashion industry, and you can feel just as stylish in workout clothes as in any other garment.

Tracksuits in Special Fabrics

Cotton doesn't wick away moisture, so it's important to choose tracksuits made from special materials. Synthetic materials are the most common. Wool or wool blends may also appear in garments for extreme sports like climbing or skiing. The most common materials in this type of clothing are various forms of polyester and lycra.

Washing and Care Instructions for Workout Tops

Taking care of tracksuits and other workout clothes is simple. They can be washed at 30 degrees Celsius and usually dry within a few hours. What you need to remember is to wash them frequently to keep them fresh and free from sweat and bacteria. Many washing machines today have special programs for sportswear, making it even easier to wash them. We dare say that if you invest in a really stylish tracksuit or long sleeve top, combined with well-fitting leggings or cool shorts, you'll be more motivated to work out. At Nelly, we want to help you find that truly perfect workout outfit, and that's why we offer a wide range of tops, leggings, and other workout clothes. Here, our visitors can find their favorites!