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First and foremost, there is a difference between a string bikini and other bikini variations. The string bikini is two-piece and the fabric pieces are held together by thin strings. The fabric pieces are also much smaller compared to regular bikinis. Apart from standing out with string bikinis, you can expect to bring a lot of heat. Dominate the summer with different string bikinis by finding your favorites today!

String Bikini Bottoms Offer an Unparalleled Sense of Freedom

Summer gives you the chance to enjoy moments on the beach and all the adventures of your vacation. If you prefer the feeling of freedom when you're free from heavy garments and layers of clothes, you should try string bikini bottoms. This design offers an unparalleled sense of freedom through the smallest possible fabric piece. Moreover, minimal fabric on both the front and back of the bikini bottom creates a comfortably stylish summer look.

String Bikini Bottoms in Different Designs

You can find string bikini bottoms in everything from sporty designs without strings to beach designs with strings. Regardless of whether you use the bikini bottom during a workout on the beach or while sunbathing, the design is quite similar. It's a triangular-shaped fabric piece that leaves the rear exposed to the sun. Despite this, there are details that make a difference, which you can read about below.

Sleek High-Waisted String Bikini for an Elegant Look

There are occasions when you want to achieve a more refined look. Afternoons at the beach often lead to wanting to enjoy the sunset at a restaurant. Whether you just want to enjoy a drink or fancy a dinner, it's good to have a high-waisted string bikini. Pair it with sleek linen pants and a cardigan, which is more suitable for a restaurant visit.

String Bikini Panties for Those Who Value Comfort

If you love string bikinis but prefer more fabric, you should opt for the panty version. String bikini panties, unlike other bikinis, have more fabric. Even though it has a string design, there is often more fabric on the upper part of the panty. Additionally, there are more variations without strings. While there are string versions, it's common for the string to be replaced with a larger fabric piece.

High Waist String Bikini for Tasteful Versatility

Although summer invites hot days, evenings can get chilly. In such cases, a lined high-waist string bikini can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful summer night. Since it's fully lined, it provides a comfortable, warming sensation. Furthermore, the high waist allows you to pair it with high heels, a chic blazer, and accessories. You'll be ready for a night at the club or a high-class evening event.

String Bikini for a Sizzling Summer Look

You can count on having an extra hot summer with a string bikini. In addition to the minimal fabric providing a fantastic sense of freedom, there are different variations making it easy to find your favorite. Whether you want more or less fabric, both string bikini panties and the high-waisted version are available for those who prefer more fabric. You can easily find your favorite string bikini bottom in various colors, sizes, and patterns. Moreover, you can search online and find the brands that are in stock right now. With us at Nelly, it's quick to find what you're looking for since you can filter through search categories. Whether you're after a high-waist string bikini or a regular string bikini bottom, you can find your favorite today!