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Whether you love clothes that give you a sense of freedom or simply prefer your outfits not to be tight, you should try oversized. Wide pants have been trendy in various periods, and now loose-fitting sweatshirts are also in fashion. An oversized sweatshirt for women is perfect for a cozy night out or chilling on the couch with a friend.

How oversized has become everyday luxury combined with street fashion

The combination of street fashion and luxurious brands has fundamentally changed the oversized fashion trend. Not only have musicians and influencers jumped on the trend, but it has become everyday luxury to find your style based on oversized fashion. Today, anyone can combine an oversized sweatshirt with different clothes. There are so many affordable and stylish oversized pieces that you must try the style.

How to style an oversized sweatshirt

First and foremost, oversized was initially part of the street fashion trend, but it is now part of all styles. Whether you prefer an elegant outfit or strive for a more relaxed look, oversized is a natural part of your outfit. Buy an oversized sweatshirt in your favorite color if you want a comfortable and stylish garment that can be combined with other basics.

How to find the perfect oversized sweatshirt

There are so many different oversized sweatshirts that it can be helpful to have a strategy when searching. A good trick is to find oversized sweatshirts online. At Nelly, we have search filters, and you can filter for the type of clothing you want. Once you have selected the oversized category, you can choose the size, brand, color, and even material.

How to style an oversized sweatshirt for a relaxed look

Street fashion has dominated the trend for several years, and for some, oversized has become a way to express themselves. Oversized primarily expresses simplicity and comfort. It doesn't have to be more complicated than choosing an oversized hoodie with a pair of jeans and white sneakers. During autumn and winter, it can be nice to wear an oversized polo shirt that also fits a t-shirt underneath.

How to be elegant with an oversized sweatshirt

When you want a sleek look, don't hesitate to use an oversized sweatshirt. Whether you want to combine the sweatshirt with jeans or chinos, you can count on an elegant outfit. Dress shoes and pants that are not loose-fitting help you create a contrast. Additionally, you can choose a trench coat or other stylish outerwear that is spacious enough for an oversized sweatshirt.

Oversized sweatshirt is versatile and stylish enough for all styles

Despite being associated with streetwear, oversized sweatshirts are now a staple in all styles. Whether you prefer casual streetwear or want to be elegant, you can use your favorite sweatshirt. Oversized is excellent for those who want to challenge their style and take their outfits to the next level. Additionally, starting your style journey with an oversized sweater is easy. When you start searching for your oversized sweatshirt online, there are variations in organic cotton, regular cotton, and polyester. There are shirts in neutral colors, many different sizes, and with patterns. Moreover, there are also checked and striped options within the oversized sweatshirt category for women. Buy an oversized sweatshirt today and start your style journey. Don't forget to dare to challenge yourself!