Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

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Pumpkin Enzyme Mask effectively polishes the skin and eliminates old skin cells. The skin becomes immediately more equal and smoother and gets new freshness. This triple peeling makes the skin clear and full of luster. This powerful and highly effective exfoliation fits all and is perfect for lifeless, aging and clogged skin. Peels the skin on three levels using alpha hydroxy acid, pumpkin enzyme and fine grains. Enriched with C-Vitamin for an extra luster boost.
Suitable: All skin types, not sensitive
Usage: Apply a thin layer of dry, cleaned skin and apply cream for 3-7 minutes depending on how sensitive the skin is. Then gently massage in circulating movements with moist fingertips to activate the polishing of the skin with the alumina crystals. Avoid massaging at sensitive parties. Rinse thoroughly and follow up with treating product, moisturizer and SPF. Use 1 - 2 times a week.
150 ml