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Increase hair strength with reduced breakage. Scientifically developed with natural premium ingredients.
Hairburst Shampoo contains over 95% natural ingredients, including panthenol, which helps to thicken the hair and hydrolyzed wheat proteins that strengthen the hair, make it more voluminous and reduce breakage, giving you hair that stays long and strong, while looking thicker. The silicone and paraben free formula is vegan and not tested on animals. Avocado and coconut fragrance. They are the perfect accompaniment to the Hairburst range.
How does it work?
Hairburst Shampoo is created with panthenol, which attracts water and helps to improve the hair's appearance, feel and fullness. Hydrolyzed wheat proteins help to give the impression of a protected hair by combining split ends and amino acids, which makes the hair look healthier by improving the hair's ability to absorb moisture where damage may have occurred due to external factors, such as heat and styling. In general, the hair will look healthier and stronger, with less breakage, which means the hair can grow longer.