Gel iQ Start Kit

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New gel formula with high iQ. Quick and easy application that gives a super shiny result with plumping effect that differs from a normal nail polish. NO PREP means that you do not have to prepare your natural nail with filing or treat with a strong primer that can impair your nail quality, which should be avoided. Gel iQ only needs light cleaning with a mild Pre-Cleanser before continuing with your polish treatment. The UV / LED lamp is specially developed with a curing time of 30 seconds in each application step. The symbiosis between lamp and varnish provides a self-leveling where any streaks disappear during curing, even if you have not varnished completely evenly. After curing the top coat in the lamp, cleaning with High Shine Cleanser remains, which produces a fantastic shine and color reproduction. The varnish is now hardened, dry and can be immediately touched and can withstand shocks. Gel iQ gives a very lasting result for up to 14 days.
In the start kit you will find everything you need not including the color shade you choose separate and remover products. The UV / LED lamp has an adapter. Gel iQ is also excellent for the toenails, the treatment is performed in the same way as on the fingernails. Read the detailed instructions for use and safety instructions in the package before you start your treatment.