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When you check out our range of wide leg jeans, we're sure you'll find favorites to complete your jeans wardrobe. These super comfortable jeans, inspired by the 70s, are not only flattering to the figure, but also incredibly comfortable. Of course, we have lots of colors and washes to choose from.

Trendy jeans for both parties and work

Wide leg jeans for women are truly universal jeans in the truest sense of the word. The wide legs make them ideal to pair with a flattering top for a real party look. But since they're so incredibly comfortable, they're also perfect for everyday wear and as casual pants when you're going on a shopping spree with your girlfriends or just hanging out at home.

Wide leg jeans for high heels and boots

The flattering cut gives the wearer the illusion of longer legs. What could be more stylish than creating even longer legs by wearing a pair of high-heeled pumps or stiletto boots? Interestingly, wide-legged jeans are also perfect to pair with a pair of stylish sneakers or low-cut shoes. The possibilities for a chic or street-smart style are simply endless.

Styling with wide leg jeans and the right accessories

Playing with accessories to create an exciting style is a great trick that can be combined with the jeans look. Wide leg jeans with a matching denim jacket, for example, are perfect to pair with big earrings, preferably rings, and other oversized jewelry. Choose your favorite bag and you have a stylish outfit that makes you ready for the day.

Wide leg jeans with a comfortable and high waist

One reason why wide leg jeans are so incredibly popular is the high waist combined with the wide legs that make them so comfortable. This also means that they are suitable for many different body types. High waist is always easy to pair with tops. For example, you can choose a nice and tight crop top that highlights the figure even more.

Wide leg jeans as a key item in the wardrobe

Flared jeans are here to stay, we're sure of that. They're comfortable, stylish and can be combined in so many ways. You can choose between cropped legged jeans that are flared or a model that is full-length. So adding a few flared jeans to your wardrobe is a great investment that provides a lot of combination possibilities for everyday wear and your party look.

Keep your wide leg jeans stylish and fresh

Jeans are made either of 100% cotton or a blend of denim and jersey that makes them slightly stretchy. Classic cotton jeans can withstand 60 degrees, while stretch jeans are usually washed at 30 or 40 degrees. The best thing is not to tumble dry jeans, but to let them dry on a drying rack. This way, your wide leg jeans will retain their shape better and won't wear out as quickly.

At, we love jeans in all shapes and sizes and always have a large selection of colors, models, and washes. This also applies to the category of wide leg jeans, where you'll find many variations that are flattering to the figure and perfect to build your daily style around.