40 cm Clip-on set Original 7 pieces

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Clip-On Set is a complete set - everything you need to get long hair in just five minutes! With a Clip-On Set, you can easily get the dream hair and hairstyle you crave.
• Complete hair extension set
• Made with genuine hair
• Easily attach your hair extensions by opening and closing the clip
• Flatten, curl and style your hair extensions however you want!
The pack includes: 100 grams of hair for lengths between 40-60 cm, spread over seven finished parts. The clip attaches to the hair. The pieces are specially designed to give you the possibility to vary and adapt the hair to match your style.
Product details: The Clip-On Set includes different width loops: 1 x 20 cm (4 clips), 2 x 15 cm (3 clips), 2 x 10 cm (2 clips), 2 x 5 cm (1 clip).
Please note that the return of this item is only accepted if the packaging is intact and the seal still in place. These extensions are delivered in a see-through plastic pocket that enables you to check the shade without having to open the packaging.
Other: Usually, you need a package for full hair extensions. If you have really thick hair or want to create a fantastic style, two packages may be necessary.
Rapunzel Original is the brand's bestselling hair and fits most! This hair quality is similar to Indian and Asian types of hair with somewhat rougher strands, usually pretty straight, but sometimes with a fixed fall. The hair is usually dark and originates from India and parts of Russia which border on Asia, but also from Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China. This hair type has rough texture due to undergoing a stronger chemical treatment with our suppliers in order to achieve the quality, color, tint, and style you want.