Nature Enhanced Flawless

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Nature Enhanced Flawless Compact Foundation is a creamy and lightweight compact foundation with natural ingredients. Our unique compact foundation is an important supplement to your makeup collection, with a built-in mirror and applicator, which makes it ideal to carry around.
This creamy and soft on-the-go foundation is made from natural ingredients, and gives a beautiful finish without covering the skin's natural beauty. It blends into the skin when applied and makes it easy to create a natural layer-on-layer coverage and a finish that is not too matte and not too glossy.
That all ingredients come from nature is the best of all.
Melts seamlessly into the skin
Natural finish that does not feel too matte
Made from 100% naturally produced ingredients, Jasmine wax - gives a soft and supple feeling.
Meadow foam oil - moisturizes the skin and gives a soft effect.
Mixture of ester- and amino acid-based powder - makes it glide on easily without feeling greasy.
Use: Apply an even layer over the entire face with the sponge located in the lower compartment. It is easy to apply layers where needed, the formula is creamy and easy to build on.