3-D Lashes No. 111

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3-D Lashes No. 111 from Eylure are spectacularly effective false lashes with different layers that add both length and depth to your eyes! They enhance the natural beauty of your eyes and are fit for all eye shapes. Can be reused if you gently remove the glue and store them safely, preferably in the original packaging. Contains a pair of lashes and adhesive.
Here's what to do:
1) Lift the lashes from the tray with tweezers or your fingers
2) Measure them against the eye. If they are too long, cut them off with nail clippers until they're perfect
3) Then apply a thin line of Eylure lash adhesive to the eyelash. Wait about 20-30 seconds until it becomes tacky before applying
4) Apply with tweezers or your fingers. Place them from the center of the eye first, then adjust the edges to follow your natural lash line. Press and hold for a few seconds.
5) To remove: Hold the false lash at the outer edge and gently pull it off. Always remove before sleep.