Environmental impact, packaging, and newer, smarter material choices. Here you can read about what we’re doing in our focus area Planet.

Environmental Impact

As a first step towards reducing our impact on the climate, we have started measuring the carbon emissions of our transports.

Since 2017 we have reported the emissions from business trips and outbound shipments from warehouse to customer. During 2018 we started also measuring our inbound shipments from supplier to warehouse.

Read more about our environmental focus here.

Sustainable Shipments

We are aiming for zero when it comes to air shipments in the planning phase of our own brands.

The mode of transport we use first and foremost for transportation of our own brands are boat and truck.

We urge our carriers to use greener alternatives as much as possible.

Our Own Traveling

In 2019, we implemented an updated travel policy. We are choosing more environmentally friendly alternatives where possible. We have also looked over our procedures to see how we can plan better and thus travel smarter.


We are working towards reducing the unnecessary use of plastic in all our activities, among other things by reducing the number of plastic bags used during sample processing.

In 2019 we developed a new e-commerce bag for Nelly in LDPE-plastic, with an increased percentage of recycled material from 30% to 50%. The next step is developing a new bag for NLY MAN and increasing the percentage of sustainable material in the labels for our own brands.


We are working towards reducing energy usage at our offices and warehouse. One measure we took was to switch to LED lighting in our warehouse.

Circular Fashion

We are striving for a Zero Waste Ambition. This means we will no longer discard or abandon items that were returned, but we will sell, donate or recycle them with the help of our collaboration partners such as Human Bridge and Recuprenda. We also set up our own, temporary outlet stores.

As an additional step towards a more circular way of working, we have in 2019 switched all washing instruction labels in our own brands to recycled polyester.