Single Power Eyeshadow

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An easy-to-apply and richly pigmented eyeshadow with a long-lasting finish. Get glamorous in no time with our new Single Power eyeshadow that gives you maximum color intensity in one single swoop with long-lasting results. The velvety cream for the powder texture leaves behind a pleasant and pigment-rich color finish that does not give way to lines or oily eyelids. Matte – get the deep color intensity you like with soft pigments that are easy to tone and comfortable to wear. Ideal for a natural nude or smokey eye look. Pearly – creamy easy-to-apply pearlescent texture that can build up in intensity without losing color. Metallic – with a simple application, you make your eyes shimmer with reflective colors.
Three fabulous textures: matte, mother-of-pearl and metallic
Exceptional color intensity
Smooth finish that does not settle in fine lines
Soft, pliable and durable finish.
Skin-loving emollients – for a pleasant and lasting result.
High-quality mica – for an extra smooth and even texture.
Powder coating technology – for a smoother finish and superior color intensity. Do you want vibrant color from the first application that sits for hours? Apply with a dry brush. Use a moistened brush to increase the color intensity and get a finish that sits even longer.