Sparkling Makeup

The summer’s big makeup trend is all out sparkle; shimmering glitter and shiny stones. Apply around the eyes, cheekbones and even on the body for a full-fledged statement look. Dare to let the makeup stand out!

Rhinestone Makeup

1. Use a pen and apply lash glue to the stones, one at a time.
2. Use a pair of tweezers and attach the stones where desired. Voila!

Unsure where you want the stones? Cheat with a white eye pencil and make dots on your skin before you start. Then you'll get a sneak peak of the final look!

Glitter Makeup

1. Mix glitter with waterproof primer.
2. Apply the glitter mix where desired, on the body or face.
3. Finish with a setting spray for best hold. Sparkle and go!

If the glitter lands wrong, use common tape. It quickly and easily removes glitter without disturbing the rest of the makeup!

Model Stories

We loaned the girls our camera to get the inside scoop on their dreamy world.

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