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Is it even possible to have too many tops? We at Nelly say nosiree. A top works as great with mom jeans and a midi-skirt as with short summer shorts. Tops are quite simply everyone's friends and we think this particular base item deserves both credit and adoration! Our collection is packed with a bunch of different colored tops. Say hello to an everyday top in stripes or a stylish, flattering black top with lace details. Tops and bodysuits are great under both denim and leather jackets. If you wanna go crazy with patterns and colors, we also have what you're looking for - why not go with the floral print it-trend?

Tops for Everyday and Parties

Life is full of choices, but it's easy when it comes to tops. There's a top for every occasion! Why not match your jeans with some sassy lace? The secret behind the perfect look is contrasts. '70s fashion is super hot right now and top with laces are an undisputed favorite. ### Some Simple Care Instructions for Stylish Tops

It doesn't take professional know-how to take proper care of your clothes. The secret lies on that little tag in the waist. The wash instructions let you know which washing temperature to use and which dosage it right for your top. You'll even find easy instructions on how to best dry your garment. Our top tip is short and simple: air-dry!

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Mix and match. At Nelly, we have over 850 fashion brands! Do we have fast deliveries? Yep! Affordable shipping? Absolutely. Click your way through our massive selection of tops and find a model that's perfect for your look. Choose designs from both short and long sleeves, plus form-fitting and trendy oversized. Happy shopping, babe!