Rapid Bronzing Balm

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  • Extended return until 6/1-2023
Rapid Bronzing Balm is a silky balm with a wonderful soft scent of cocoa that gives an accelerating effect on your natural tan. Designed to speed up and deepen your natural tan, it reduces the time you need to spend in the sun to achieve a sun-kissed look.
Rapid Bronzing Balm contains The Fox Tan unique and active ingredient FoxComplex which increases the skin's own melanin production. For best results, use Rapid Bronzing Balm in combination with The Fox Tan Rapid Elixir.
Key Ingredients:
• FoxComplex®️
• Cocoa butter
• Beta-carotene
• Carrot extract
• Jojoba oil
Rapid Bronzing Balm does not contain SPF and does not protect against UV rays. Avoid contact with eyes.