Travel Coco Cabana Fragrance Mist 90ml

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In Brazil, we all use our senses to attract
One of our essential beauty secrets is to be cheirosa (sheh-rō-zah), which means smelling amazing from sunrise to sunset. Our Coco Cabana Body Fragrance Mist takes you to new heights with its head-to-toe Cheirosa'39 scent containing notes of roasted coconut, buttery praline and vanilla latté. It’s coco-luscious and composed to tempt and tease the mind.
What is it?
Inspired by Brazilian artist Carmen Miranda, Coco Cabana Fragrance Body Mist is an alluring scent with notes of roasted coconut, buttery praline and warm vanilla latté. A whipped blend of sophisticated delights and a sense of Brazil. Read more about the fragrance inspiration and Carmen Miranda below.
Why it’s so easy to love: Cheirosa '39 is possibly the most delicate scent you have ever experienced and also one of the most sophisticated gourmet scents. The scent touches, tempts and those who smell want more.
The fragrance’s inspiration: Our Coco Cabana Cheirosa '39 is inspired by the Brazilian sensation Carmen Miranda, beloved as the original Brazilian beauty.
Talented and beautiful, Carmen became an international star between 1930-1950 and also a symbol of Hollywood's golden age. She also started Brazil's golden age where the spotlight was directed to Brazilian music, dance and culture for the whole world to fall in love with.