Real Techniques Glow Finish Extender

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Enhance your makeup with Glow Finish Blend Extender.
Spray Glow Finish Blend Extender directly on the make-up sponge and press against the skin after you have applied the foundation to achieve make-up magic. Glow Finish sets your makeup, freshens it up and makes the make-up melt into the skin while you lock in your base.
Glow Finish Blend Extender can also be sprayed directly on the face for a quick refresh.
Contains lustrous vitamin complex with vitamin C which protects the skin barrier and gives you a natural glow. Plus electrolytes to provide deeper hydration and restore the skin's barrier to the constant hydration we all need.
Glow Finish is travel-friendly with a closed lid and has a perfect size for throwing in the bag or jumping on a plane. Bring your luster when you are on the go!
Spraying the make-up tool with moisture before application is a notorious trick used by makeup artists - try it yourself! Pair Glow Finish with our Miracle Complexion Sponge for a fresh look.
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Skin type: Normal to combination skin
Suitable for: Colorless, dry skin and helps the makeup last longer
Result: Radiant and healthy skin
Use with: One of our make-up sponges
Contains Vitamin C and Electrolytes that protect and moisturize the skin for a radiant glow.
Dermatologically tested
Gentle on sensitive skin
100% vegan and cruelty free
Shake well. Spray on the sponge + press against the skin + let it melt in. Spray directly on the face for a refresh.