Soothing Heat Patch

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DeoDoc's female medical team has developed heat patches that are comfortable to cover the lower abdomen or back during menstruation. The thin material makes the patch discreet to wear under the clothes and can be used to advantage when you are on the go, at work or at home. The patch emits a comfortable and relaxing heat within a few minutes, which is maintained for about 8 hours.
1. Remove the patch from the package.
2. Remove the protective film that covers the adhesive part of the patch.
3. Attach the patch directly to underwear on the lower abdomen / back or on, for example, a tank top. Leave the patch on, but for no longer than 8 hours straight.
4. The patch is removed by gently pulling it off the clothes.
Note that the heat is activated immediately when the inner package is opened (activated by the oxygen in the air even if the protective film has not been removed).
For one time use. The package contains 3 patches.
OBS - avoid direct contact with skin. The heat patch is applied to panties, linen, T-shirts or trousers. Should not be applied to lace panties or panties made of mesh as these are not comprehensive and contact directly with the skin may occur.