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Street fashion has made its way into the world of fashion for real, and hoodies with prints for women can be seen on just about everyone. Celebrities have them. Women in business have them. And of course, we at Nelly have them too! In our range, you will find this smart garment that is as stylish as it is functional. So check out our hoodies with prints and click home your favorites!

Hoodies with prints in many styles

The hoodie is essentially a hooded sweater. Hoodies for girls are just as suitable for a cozy night at home on the couch as they are in the skate park. Or why not in combination with a stylish puffer vest? Hoodies with prints raise the coolness bar even higher, and they can become a real statement shirt. The print can be anything from a small logo on the chest to a large image over the entire front.

Printed hoodies on the back

There are also hoodies with prints on the back for women that look really cool for a casual street look. If you like a certain brand, many companies have hoodies with the logo large on the back. With such a garment, you definitely signal where you belong in terms of taste and fashion. If you want to hide the print to vary your look, you can wear it with a vest.

Cool hoodies with prints for women

In modern times, the hoodie originated in 1930s New York, where it was a work garment for freezer workers. Relatively quickly, it became a fashion that rugby stars and other celebrities liked. Nowadays, you can find stylish hoodies with prints for women in many different styles. They come in cropped models, in long variants that go all the way over the thighs. They are also available with and without zippers.

The warming and functional hoodie

But the hoodie is not just a cool top that goes well with jeans and active wear. It also keeps you warm when you are out and if you get cold around the head, you can just pull on the hood. It is also practical if you have styled your hair, as a hood does not flatten the hair like a hat does.

The hoodie - from street fashion to high-end

In the early 1980s, hip hop artists started wearing hoodies and they quickly became a natural outfit for everyone who loved this street fashion. But today, hoodies with prints are also worn by celebrities in all categories and they have been seen on the catwalk many times at major fashion shows. Many even wear hoodies under a blazer or jacket!

How to take care of printed hoodies

To keep printed hoodies looking fresh and prevent the print from wearing out, it's important to take good care of them, especially when washing. Always turn the hoodie inside out to protect the print, and washing it in 30 degrees Celsius is the gentlest option. By doing so, the print will last much longer. At, you can find hoodies with prints in many different styles. A stylish hoodie with a pair of favorite jeans and chunky sneakers is a perfect outfit for any day of the week. We also have beautiful hoodies with prints on the back for women. Take a look at our webshop and find your favorite! Of course, we also have lots of great styling tips on our website.