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Mini, midi, maxi. No, that's not a pop band from the '80s. They're stylish skirt types you can order from us! Maybe the much-hyped party pal, the miniskirt, in black? Or a flowy maxiskirt that's perfect for summer heat. Take a look to the right and find your favorite!

The Trendiest Skirts Right Now

Here at Nelly, we'll make sure you're always in the know with the latest trends and we're always getting in tons of new skirts. Update your wardrobe with maxi skirts or maybe a pencil skirt? On the hunt for a fabulous everyday skirt? In that case, the midiskirt is the star worth setting your sights on. Consistently fashionable and can alwyas be dressed up or down, depending on the situation.

Wear Your Skirt Like This

One hot tip is to wear a skirt that can be styled in a bunch of ways. Jean skirts go great with both a strappy tanktop and a knit sweater, when the chill strikes. Or go all out and match your skirt with something a bit more new! The current it-trend is to wear your midiskirt over a dress – yep, you read that right. And it's super stylish, especially if you experiment with different materials and colors. Give it a try!

Washing Tips for Stylish Skirts

By caring for your clothing the right way, you lengthen the lifespan, but the environment will even appreciate you're doing so. One easy way to limit the number of washes is to hang the clothing to dry every now and then. Always follow the instructions on the wash tag. It provides washing instructions such as temperature and can even let you know whether you should iron it or not.

Ready to Order Your New Skirt?

Perfect, 'cause we're sure you're gonna find what you're looking for, with us. We have over 850 clothing brands and you can always discover new favorites since we get in new fashion every day.