After Sun Sos Sunburn Soother Mask100 m

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This SOS Sunburn Soother Mask is a mask for both face and body, which immediately provides comfort and relief to a skin that has been out in the sun for a long time and may have turned red. The texture is a jelly cream that immediately gives a refreshing feeling and the exuberant sensual scent has tropical, woody and floral notes. Contains sunflower extract (relieves and reduces the feeling of burning in the skin), extracts of organic aloe vera (provides moisture and nutrition) and extracts of Mimosa tenuiflora (provides protection against free radicals).
Apply a thick layer of the mask on the areas that have received too much color and have sunburn. Massage it in lightly and leave on until it is absorbed, (do not rinse off). Apply 2-4 times, daily. Feel free to store the jar in the refrigerator for a maximum cooling and fresh feeling when applying.
100 ml