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Hoop earrings are a classic accessory in many different designs. Originally, these earrings were designed to sit tightly around the earlobe, but over time they have changed to become larger, with different shapes and some even have a post on the back. However, they remain a true classic that suits all styles, from simple and elegant to statement pieces with a bold attitude.

Choose from our delightful selection

At, we have a wide range of hoop earrings for women. We have both classic, small and simple models and larger ones with more attitude. Some are not even round. Silver or gold-plated silver, completely round or with a post, with or without a pendant in the ring. We help you find the perfect hoops for your outfit, to really make it stand out.

Match your large hoops

When styled right, we dare say that large hoop earrings actually work with everything! Since they are a larger piece of jewelry, they are perfect for those who like eye-catching statement jewelry. Match with a soft hairstyle or hair down for a more relaxed low-key style. For a more bold look, go for a high ponytail or a slicked-back hairstyle.

If you prefer smaller jewelry

If you are still not convinced that large earrings suit your style, you can choose from our small hoop earrings instead. Here you will find great variations, even though they are all rings. You can choose between more discreet rings or rings with pendants for a little extra liveliness. There are even square hoops.

Choose from many different styles

Hoop earrings are so much more than just a ring around your ear. Small, large, square hoops or hoops with pendants. You can also choose from hoop earrings with sparkling stones for a nice detail. The choices are many and we update our selection every day so that you always get the latest trends, even in the world of jewelry.

Take care of your silver earrings

When you have bought a pair of nice hoops, you want them to feel new for a long time. The best tip is to use them. The more you use your silver hoops, the fresher they will stay. When silver is left lying around, it oxidizes and can darken. Store them in boxes or bags, to protect the earrings from dust and dirt while delaying oxidation.

Extend the life of your gold-plated hoop earrings

Gold plating is a layer of gold on top of silver. The plating will wear off over time but how fast it happens varies. The reaction with the skin is different and which perfumes, lotions or other creams you use matters. Gold is more delicate than silver, which means that it may be a good idea to take off your earrings before bedtime, shower or bath. Your jewelry is meant to make you feel beautiful. The absolute best thing about jewelry, especially hoop earrings, is that they can change the tone of an entire outfit. Experiment with sizes, thicknesses and materials, we have most of it in our range. So what are you waiting for, order your perfect hoop earrings and take your outfit to the next level!