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A lovely blazer is perfect for both everyday and at parties. Choose from many different designs, colors and lengths to find the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Timeless blazers for all occasions

No piece of clothing is as timeless as a pretty ladies blazer. By mixing and matching and with a few simple choices, you can turn your business blazer into a crazy party one. Furthermore, our ladies blazers will emphasize your personality and are perfect for both those formal occasions and sitting at home studying. With our wide selection you will quickly find the perfect item that will revitalize your wardrobe and offer you new possibilities. Choose from hundreds of unique brands that all offer fresh collections, new aproaches and delicious color combinations. Long or short, bright or dark, affordable or exclusive - the choice is yours.

Experiment freely with your new blazer

What kind of item are looking for? When it comes to blazers, you can treat yourself royally. The blazer is often linked to formal environments, which makes this item fun to experiment with. Try out a buttoned blazer or choose an open design, and match it with a pretty top or tank top. If you want to be the center of the party then you'll choose a glitter-blazer that will draw attention. A more classic and casual look is a blazer and jeans. Choose a pair of bright cut-offs for those warm summer nights.

Take care of your pretty blazers

It's an obvious choice to have a pretty blazer hanging in your wardrobe. To keep you favorite clothes fresh you can use a cloth brush to easily remove mud and dirt. And remember to use a decent coat hanger so that your blazer will retain its shape longer.

Blazers online at Nelly

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