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Tights are an indispensable part of the wardrobe for many women, and it's easy to see why. They're comfortable, versatile, and can easily spice up an outfit. At Nelly, you'll find tights for women, from classic and discreet to trendy and eye-catching.

For those who want a classic look, there's a wide range of black tights in different thicknesses and materials. If you want something more distinctive, you can choose from tights with patterns like dots, stripes, or flowers. A trend that continues to be popular is also wearing tights with a top that looks like socks, which gives a nice effect to shorter skirts and dresses. For those who want to go for something more extravagant, there are also tights with embroidered motifs, rhinestones, and studs. These are perfect tights for a festive look or if you want to do something extra with your outfit. Why not match them with a simple black dress and let the tights take the focus?

Another popular option is stay-ups, which is a variant of tights that don't go up over the waist but instead have a silicone edge that keeps them in place on the legs. This is a comfortable option for those who want to avoid waistbands and instead focus on the legs. At Nelly, you'll find stay-ups in both classic colors like black and nude, but also in different patterns and colors.