Question 1. I no longer have my return slip - what do I do?

Please contact our customer service team below and they will be able to send you a new return slip via email.

Question 2. I didn't receive/I have misplaced my receipt - can you send me a new one?

The receipt is enclosed in your parcel. However, if you are unable to find it, you can always check the details of your order by logging into your Nelly customer account.

Of course you are always welcome to contact our customer service team if you are unsure or want to know more about this.

Question 3. Has my returned item arrived?

All returns are confirmed via email as soon as they have arrived and have been registered with us. If you feel that your return should have arrived but you have not received a confirmation you are welcome to check with our customer service team and they can check the status of your return. When you return an item please provide your customer number, the order number, the name of the item (item number if possible) and the date sent. This will enable us to process your return quicker.

You can view detailed information about purchases you have made at and on "My page". You can also view information regarding returns on this page. To check this login to your Nelly account and click on the relevant invoice to see all the information regarding items you have ordered.