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Ensure a comfortable, stylish and pleasant night''s sleep with a sleep mask from Daydream. Besides the attractive design a sleep mask from Daydream has a soft fabric that is comfortable against your face and a unique patented foam rubber section on the nose to prevent natural light. A sleep mask from Daydream gives you a really good night''s sleep! Why use a sleep mask? The body''s circadian rhythms are based largely on the natural light the eye perceives. When you sleep in a room that is not completely dark, this may affect your sleep and your health considerably. A strained eye is more likely to form wrinkles and bags under the eyes while the body''s production of the natural hormone Melatonin is disrupted. Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant hormone that also protects our brain. Melatonin is sold in many countries (except Sweden) as a food supplements to help prevent depression, insomnia and stress. Usage: * On the airplane - for secure sleep. * On the journey - bright hotel room, caravan, tent, etc. * In the bedroom. * When you want to take a "powernap". * On the bus. * The scope is limited only by you!

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Colour: Black

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Daydream are the leading manufacturer of sleep masks. The Daydream sleep mask puts no pressure on your eyes and does not allow any light in thanks to its patented nasal pillows which are important characteristics that differentiates Daydream sleep masks from traditional sleep masks. Buy your Daydream sleep mask from and never wake up tired again.

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