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An acronym for “Ur Not In Fashion”, UNIF is a collection of cotton tees, cut and sew knits, wovens, denim, and accessoriese. UNIF embodies a clean fusion of casual street design, provocative grungy fashion, and contemporary details. Influenced by the hustle and bustle of the city, UNIF is a true representation of the West Coast lifestyle. The early beginnings of UNIF started in the backyard of Los Angeles artist/DJ Eric Espinoza, who started making clothes for himself and his friends in 2004. Hand-dyeing, hand-sewing, and hand-printing everything, Espinoza had a vision of an underground clothing culture blasting out of the norm. UNIF Clothing moved to the mainstream when it began introducing controversial designs that spoofed popular Disney icons such as Mickey and Bambi, as well as high-fashion labels like Chanel and Fendi. As a DJ, Espinoza takes a leaf out of underground electronic music and L.A.’s party scene, with a little punk, techno, grunge, death metal, and all things gritty infused into his Creations. Wildly influenced by the culture of Los Angeles, the very sizzle of the city seems to pop from each UNIF piece. From badass ripped up muscle tees to tie-dye dresses to the infamous Hellbound and Hellraisers, UNIF tops, pants, and boots are not only in demand but have appealed to everyone who wants to wear everything that is different. UNIF skirts, jackets, and lingerie are beyond cutting edge and are known for their eye for detail. The void in the market for witty, sharp, and hotly distressed clothing has been filled admirably by UNIF. Seen just about everywhere, UNIF was chosen as an editor’s pick at Elle Magazine worn by some of the coolest guys and gals in Hollywood, including Rihanna, Ashley Tisdale, Lil Wayne, and Justin Bieber.