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One Teaspoon

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Jamie Blakey is the founder and designer of Australia's fashion label OneTeaspoon. Working out of a bedroom of the northern beaches, Jamie created a 10 piece range in 2000 that so shifted the paradigm of Australian made fashion that was soon being hung on racks from General Pants to David Jones and over 200 stores australia wide. Then fast forward to 2014 and OneTeaspoon looking stronger then ever is being picked up around the world by distributors in Scandinavia, UK, Italy, Greece, USA, Japan and Canada.

Jamie represents a new era; she's an old-school designer, not an interpreter of whatever she finds in department stores. She'll grab a piece of fabric, pin up something you swear can't work, draws on it, cuts it up, stretches it, staples it, flips it over, staples again... until, with a flourish she holds it up and says: you like it?
 OneTeaspoons original, quirky, sexy, grungey style has a signature like no other. Making it very easy to hang next to almost any brand from High Street to High End. Complimenting all.
OneTeaspoons collections include affordable high end denim mixed with contemporary street fashion pieces. You'll find a wide range of teeshirts, dresses, tops. bottoms and also swim! 
The Swim Collection stands alone and carrys the OneTeaspoon original signature.